“Dimitris Douramakos does a great job making sense of what's in his head and expressing it in his work. As a consequence, we can all apply it to the world we experience, as it moves towards and away from what we think of as order.”

-TIM STANLEY, Victoria & Albert (V&A)
Museum Senior Curator, UK

“Balancing uniquely between real world and fiction, abstraction and pictorialization, Dimitris Douramakos presents his work though constant experimentation on various materials and the simplicity of everyday objects. His work, poses as a social experiment, or a brain exercise, like a Rorschach test. Each view might bring forward new figures and shapes hiding under the jumble and layers of an exquisite selection/combination of colours, which in conjunction with each person’s unique perception, character, experiences, conscious and subconscious world, create a unique social, aesthetic experience where one spectacle might be different for each viewer, or different to the same viewer over and over again. It is an effortless connection with our own symmetry, or a universal symmetry, a principle that represents balance and perfection as our mind perceives it. Same way the works are made, through the artist’s effort to find symmetry on his canvas, or any other material he uses. No colours are pre-chosen, no patterns are followed. It is like the artist answers questions that his works pose in front of him constantly, and when the artist feels symmetry has been reached, all questions have been answered, the work is done.
“I follow my work, it is not the other way around” as he often says.
At he end, each viewer is looking for order as they personally perceive it and that creates a unique way to explore characteristics and emotional functioning during this self-explorational trip. It is not a battle of colours, good and evil or real world and fiction, but rather a self-realisation of which end result our mind finds comfort in, what end result will our mind find peace with.”

Cultural Activities Director, GR

“Dimitris Douramakos makes paintings, drawings & sculpture that mate the strategies of Fifties Abstract Expressionism with the logics of the Sixties Process Painting movement. His work initially looks like a complex maze of splattered Pollock-esque anti-gestures and blobs, but on closer inspection the opaque blocks of form in his paintings' surface recall psychoanalytic inkblot tests or body prints. His work incorporates seemingly random occurrences, improvisation and the liberating qualities of play together with nontraditional materials to push his technique into new areas of possibility and chance encounter."

-RUPERT GOLDSWORTHY, independent artist, writer & curator based in New York, US

Dimitris Douramakos was first introduced to new materials during his studies in Arts and Technology, but the real liberation came with the guidance of his mentor, artist and professor Nikos Navridis (askt, School Of Fine Arts Athens) who helped him find his real inclination, as an artist who toys with humour and self sarcasm through enlarging the details of an abstract world and creating the open space we need to see our own personal themes though his art. New York was Dimitris’ next stop, where he lived for 5 years and worked thought his art studio in Brooklyn. Using NY as his home-base, he participated in numerous exhibitions around the world, while his art matured and mingled with influences of the American art scene, pop culture and the artist’s connection with his roots.
Today, Dimitris Douramakos works from his art Studio in Athens, Greece. Back to base,this is where he creates his work, while he travels around the world to follow his art callings.


Born in Hanover Germany - 1982
Lives and work in Athens Gr

Studies: Bachelor of Arts in Fine Arts & Technology (Hons) Middlesex University.

Selected Group Exhibitions:

.Bohemians/THE BREEDER gallery- Athens.Greece

.Auction benefit for athens pride/THE BREEDER gallery-Athens.Greece

.PREVIEW BERLIN/International Art Fair-Berlin, Germany
.SWAB/International Art Fair-Barcelona, Spain
.Spielwiese/WIDMER + THEODORIDIS Gallery, Zurich, Switzerland

.More than films/FAMAGUSTA GATE-Nicosia, Cyprus

.Art on the frond page/BENAKI MUSEUM-Athens Greece

.Snap to Grid/LACDA-Los Angeles,Usa

.Festival E-FOS Lookout Athens/with the corporation of Para-olympics Athens 2004, Greece
.11th BIENNALE/Young artists of Europe and the Mediterranean countries-Athens, Greece

Solo Exhibitions:

.K-ART Gallery-Athens,Greece

.MONOHORO Gallery-Athens,Greece

publication / reference

.ARTFORUM artforumdiary.2015

.VOLTA8 NYC.2012

.SWAB international contemporary art fair barcelona.2011

.PREVIEW BERLIN the emerging art fair.2011

.BENAKI MUSEUM art on the front page #4.2009

.ATHENS VOICE (cover).28-03/6/2009

.ATHINORAMA lookout athens.2004

.11th BIENNALE of young artist of europe and mediterranian countries athens.2003

selected collections

M.DOYAGA private collection (US,nyc)

D.MADZOUKA private collection (GR,ath)

WIDMER+THEODORIDIS private collection (CH,zrh)

H.ROMAS private collection (GR,ath)

S.COUSTAS private collection (GR,ath)

T.CHARREIRE private collection (FR,par)

C.PSYCHOGIOS private collection (GR,ath)

G.LAGIOS private collection (GR,ath)

GNOMON MARINE private collection (GR,ath)

V.PANOPOULOS private collection (US,sf )

H.KUN private collection (CN,pek)

I.O’NEIL private collection (US,ca )

K.ROSENBLOOM private collection (US,nyc)


14 IERA ODOS str,GR 10435 ATHENS

+30 6937405064 MOB / +30 2103455694 LAN